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A few words on training

You are reading this, so you must have a computer and an internet connection. That can be a powerful tool for finding information, and for sharing with other patriots, but don't let it become the only thing you do in the way of patriot activities...
Training your mind is very important, but it is only truly useful if you have a trained body to carry it in:) As you look around this site, you might be temped to call me a hypocrite, since I have obviously spent a lot of time writing HTML here...But I live the life I am telling others to live. I train others and myself. I shoot regularly. I practice survival skills. I can live off the land. I study (and attempt to understand) the constitution and other documents of our founding fathers. I am not asking anyone to do anything that I have not already done. The single most important training lesson I can give you is this: Go and do it! Don't just talk or plan, do it.

Training links

One of the best training sites you'll ever see. I srongly recommend that you read everything there. I can't begin to give you as much info as you can gather at that site.

Basic training
Part 1 Drills for fire teams
Part 2 Individual movement
Part 3 Combat communication
Part 4 Cover vs. concealment
Part 5 Use of firepower
Part6 Purpose and scope of recon training
Part 7 Shooting techniques
Part 8Physical Fitness

How to build a cheap pop-up target

Do you know what ballistics means? You might be surprised to actually see what you favorite gun can or can't do...

Real guns Gun ballistics calculators and other info/tools for the reloader.

The gun guy site

If you want to get some targets to print out, check out these sites...
Computer Printable Targets has lots of styles
More targets

Do you know how to 'zero' a rifle? This site is about zeroing the M16 rifle, but the techniques apply to all rifles.
If you don't understand how to apply the info at the M16 zeroing link to your gun, I'll try to explain here.

What rifle should you buy?

Click here for a few words on you gear.