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How to Build a cheap pop-up target holder

Material list

Tool list


Assemble you materials and tools. Lay the long piece of 2x6 on the floor (ground, whatever).
Lay one of the short 2x6 pieces on the long 2x6, with one edge at 36 inches from one end of the long 2x6.
Screw the short piece of 2x6 down with the grain of the wood crossways to the grain of the long 2x6 using 3 of your 3-inch screws.
Then screw the square end of the hinge to the edge of peice you just screwed down, with the triangular part facing toward the 36 inch side, (use 1 1/4 inch screws.) Using 1 1/4 inch screws, screw the 2x2 to the triangular end of the hinge. make sure it can swing up to 90 degrees from the floor.
Screw the other short 2x6 block onto the top of the other short block, sandwiching the hinge between them. Use 3 inch screws for this also. (This block acts as a stop.)
Now pre drill and then screw down the last piece of lumber at the end of the 2x2. Put it about 1/4 inch away from the 2x2, all the way at the end of the main 2x6. Now drill a 3/16 hole through this block and into the 2x2.
Now take you bungie cord and remove the metal hook part from the ends. Lay one end with the hole up at the opposite end from the block you just drilled and the 2x2. Using a 1 1/4 inch screw and a fender washer, screw the end of the bungie down. Be careful to put the screw through the hole in the bungie. Tighten it only till the washer is putting some pressure on the rubber bungie - not too much!.
Now, this is the only 'hard' part. You have to figure out where to put the other end of the bungie so that it will pull the 2x2 up to vertical. I left the metal hook in the free end of the bungie and put screws into the side of the 2x2 at different places till I found the right spot to make it work. Once you find a spot where it will pop up fast, but not too hard, screw that end of the bungie down just like the other one.
Congratulations! You're done!. To use this, staple a cardboard target to the 2x2, then push the 2x2 down to the 2x6. Put the 16 penny nail through the hole you drilled. This will hold the 2x2 and target down. Then tie the string to the end of the nail. Pull the string and the target will pop up.
I hope my instructions are clear enough. If you are trying this and can't get it to work, just email me. have fun!
By the way, material dimensions are just taken from what I build. You can use anything you want really. I build them this size because it doesn't waste any lumber. Ie, two long 2x6 peices out of one 8 footer. 2 2x2 pieces + 2 blocks 12 inches long out of 1 8 footer etc...
This should only cost you a little bit, and the only part you'll have to replace much is the 2x2, which is pretty cheap. If you buy all the parts new, I estimate it will cost about $8 or less for the materials for one target. (I'm sure you can find someone to borrow tools from if you don't own any...)
I screw the whole thing together for ease of replacing parts that get shot:), you could nail it together too (except for the hinge), but replacing parts would be a pain.