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Some thoughts about weapons and dispersal of weapons during a period of ‘civil unrest'.

Some simple stuff

Make certain that you have more than enough cleaning supplies
And equipment for each weapon you own or keep.

Have web gear and basic kit to compliment each weapon.
Including, (but not limited to):
Magazine pouches or bandoliers.
Basic first aid supplies
Military poncho, or at very least a space blanket
Small pack of cleaning supplies for the weapon that the gear ‘goes with’.
Military 1 quart canteen with canteen cup
All items should be ready to go, attached to the web gear, and (perhaps) the web marked to correspond to the weapon.

This should go without saying, but make sure you have enough ammo and magazines or stripper clips for each weapon.
How much is enough?

If you have more than one combat weapon, you need to follow the above guidelines. You can only carry one rifle at a time. The “extra” guns you own will need to be used By less prepared persons. You don’t need to spend excess money on this. You should have these things already. If you have many guns and few supplies, consider selling one or two guns to gain money to purchase the equipment neccesary to make your weapons useful.

Useful tips:

  • Make certain that you don’t wash you field clothes in a detergent such as Tide. Rather, wash them in a non-detergent soap, or in plain water. There are additives in most modern laundry detergents that will make your clothing “glow” when seen through a night vision device.

  • .223 caliber ammo weighs 2Lb 15oz per hundred rounds
  • 7.62x39mm ammo weighs 3Lb 14oz per hundred rounds

  • Always carry more water and ammo than you think you'll need

  • Don't forget that gear goes beyond the realm of military goods. other things, such as books, can be just as valuable...