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Goverment and responsibility

Lets compare the government & people relationship in a republic to the parent & child relationship.
Our constitution gives the people of our country the responsibility to control the government. God gives parents the responsibility to control their children. If we control the government as we should, it matures into something better. If parents control their children, the children mature into something better.
On the other hand, if we fail to control the government, it loses respect for us, and eventually, respect for itself. If parents fail to control their children, the children lose respect for the parents, and eventually for themselves.
We the people of this country were given an awesome responsibility by the framers of the constitution, that of controlling the government. We have failed miserably. We seek to blame the government for the current state of affairs, but truly the blame is on us. Perhaps not us directly, but us generally, as the people of the united States.
Now to expand the analogy further; If a parent does not control a child for the first 15 years of the childís life, how should we expect the child to act if the parent suddenly begins to try to have control? The child will fight against it for certain. The child has grown accustomed to being in control, and does not want to lose it. The same can be applied to the government. We have not controlled the government for many years, so now we should expect the government to resist as we try to regain control.
So I am left with this question, do we the people really want to control the government? I donít see much sign of it. We want to complain about it, we want to blame it, but we are not willing to take responsibility and control it.
Ask yourself why. Why do the people seek every chance to complain, but ignore every chance at control? I believe it is because we the people are have allowed ourselves to become so comfortable that we no longer truly desire to be free. Real freedom is hard. Passive existence is far easier. Here in our land of plenty we found it easy to forget our responsibilities and take the easy path of laziness.
So is there any hope left? Not unless people are willing to give up the easy things they have grown accustomed to, and take the burden of responsibility on their shoulders.
This is the reason that so few who call themselves patriots are willing to even consider the idea of fighting to regain our freedoms. Taking a controlling position and physically fighting the tyranny would mean having to be responsible after the war was won. Or having to be responsible for their own actions now. They prefer the comfortable, easy and passive route, which eventually leads to slavery.
Have we not learned from the generations before us? Canít we see that apathy leads to slavery? Is the story of the American Revolution just a story? Have we lost the desire for freedom that once made this country great? And what the hell are we waiting for? People say that we canít fight back unless the government brings the fight to us. This is simply a trick we play on ourselves to stay passive. The government is ours to control. Not the other way around. We have every right to rise up and cast off our chains with force of arms! We were given that right by God, not by men. The framers of the constitution knew this; they wrote the Bill of Rights to reiterate our existing freedoms, not to grant us new ones.
We had better take a stand now, because in a few years it will be all but impossible.

Why you won't do anything to save this country...

You won't fight because you're afraid that you'll go to jail or prison. This is simply narrow minded. You are already doing things which could put you in jail, it's just that no-one in the government has choosen to do anything about it. With enough federal code written to keep you busy reading for 3 lifetimes, one must assume that everything is "illegal". It's time to remember that "...any law which is contrary to the Constitution is not a law, and is void" (US Supreme court). You have the Constitutional right to take up arms against the government. I suggest using you rights before they decide to jail you...

You won't fight because you don't want to give up your stuff. This is simply selfishness. Your fathers and grandfathers went to war to protect this country, why should you have it easier than they did? Is the reward of liberty any less important now?

You think that the government must cross some proverbial 'line in the sand' before you should fight. I wonder just how close to your front door that line is? Waiting 'till the government comes for your guns, or until they come for you is allowing them to win. Period. They are the ones at fault here, we have every right to go to war now to redeem our freedoms.

You are waiting for someone to start fighting first, then you'll join right in. All I can say is, "yeah right". Face it, this is just selfishness and laziness.

You think that you won't have to fight because God will protect you. He very well may protect you, but don't you think you should fight to protect others? Don't you have a sense of duty to protect freedom? I don't claim to be any sort of bible expert, but I beleive that not protecting or freedoms is the same as being poor stewards of the bounty the Lord has given us in this country.

Finally, let me say this; our founding father broke the laws of their government (the King of England) when they started the revolution. They gave up everything they had because they believed in an idea, the idea of freedom. Today, we have freedom, the freedom they fought and died to give us, all we have to do is protect it. This is a much less radical thing to do that what they did. Yet many of you seem to be afraid to even talk openly about removing the government from power and ending the corruption in our nation. Until we stop being afraid, the government and all those opposed to freedom have already won.