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Patriots and secrecy

You are a patriot. But is that what you tell other people? Why are so many ‘patriots’ afraid of saying that word in mixed company? Maybe they are afraid to admit that they are different than the TV zombies around them. Maybe they are afraid of the government finding out…(like the government doesn’t already know). Or maybe they are just not really sure what they believe.
This is a call to arms. If you consider yourself a patriot, if you really believe that you are a patriot, then stand up and say it loud! The reason people believe the media and treat us with suspicion is because they don’t know us. They don’t know anything about us except what they’ve been fed by the liberal media. If you believe that what you are doing is right, then you have nothing to hide.
The only thing that will save us in the coming war is to have the people at large on our side. This situation does not exist at this time. We are running very short on time to win the people over. Mind you, I am not talking about making ‘average Joe’ a militiaman; I am simply talking about helping people understand that we are not “dangerous”, “crazy”, “terrorists” or any of the other words that the media likes to associate with us. We are average people who (should be) good neighbors. If any guerrilla force (us) wants to stop an insurgent force (them) we must have the people on our side. And unlike the government, we don’t need to buy TV airtime to get our point across. Be good neighbors. Be friendly to people. Don’t be secretive. Tell people what you believe, and why. Help people out. After all, a patriot is a good American, right? Well, we need to be doing our part to be good Americans and to make sure that others see that in us. This whole secrecy thing that patriots have been doing is utterly wrong. If you watch the way some patriots act, you’d swear that they were wanted criminals. We may be against the government, but we are for the people! Let other people see this!
This will accomplish two things: One, people will find it hard to believe what the media and government tells them about us if they see us acting differently from it every day. Two, openness to the public lend itself toward appearing as a legitimate group to the sheeple. (Legitimate being newspeak for acceptable and normal:).


The American way of life® is a lie. All the things you were taught to want in life are things that the rich have taken away from you. No matter what you’ve heard, there are only two classes in this country: rich and poor.
“Why?” You ask. Because the imagined ‘middle class’ doesn’t really exist anymore. The so-called middle class is so indebted to the rich, that they are actually own less that the poor class. At least the poor actually own the few things they have. Face it, if the ‘nice’ things you own are bought on credit, you don’t really own them. A bank does. Think about it. If you miss a couple of payments, do you get to keep your stuff? Of course not, the bank takes it away to cover your debt. “But I am living in a nice house, and driving a nice car, isn’t that the American dream?” It would be, if you owned the things you use, yes. But the reality is that most of you don’t own the things you use. You are simply using them under contract. Borrowing makes the debtor slave to the lender. Simply put, the bank can and will take the things you call ‘yours’ if you fail to honor your contract with them.
“How did this happen?” This is a something of a unique American problem. For example; in Japan, only the super rich have credit of any kind. Better than 90% of the people there pay for everything in cash. The reason it happened here is because of our Federal Reserve System. We have one ‘supreme’ bank, who controls all aspects of our money. This is not the case in many other countries. Also, our Federal Reserve System provides insurance backing to the lenders in this country, which in turn encourages them to give loans more freely. This means they are more likely to loan money to someone who is less than financially ‘qualified’ to receive the loan. Most of you have probably received letters in your mail that promise you a credit card; “all you have to do is respond” so you know what I mean.
“What does this all mean?” The bottom line is this. Should we have a major economic failure in this country, more people than ever before in history would be without a home or transportation. Do not fool yourself into thinking that the banks will be lenient with you. They will not be. They will do whatever they can to protect their assets, even if it means throwing you out on the street.
“Is there anything I can do?” Certainly. Do whatever you must to get out of debt. That is the only real answer.


Freedom requires sacrifice. A brief look at history will prove this fact. But think about this, who is more free, a person with no money, living in a tar paper shack and owing nothing to anyone, or a ‘rich’ man, living in a half million dollar home, and owing the next 80 years of his life to his creditors?

Financial gain may be the biggest sacrifice we give. As patriots, we can never expect to be wealthy. Any ‘extra’ money we might gain must be used to help the cause. This is the major reason that we see so many “fair weather” patriots. The love of money is the same as love of the government in this country. If you want to be rich, then you are deceiving yourself if you want to be a patriot too. You cannot serve two masters, period.

Something that Mark from Michigan said on the ‘battle preparations’ tape sticks in my mind; he said, “I have never made any money from these videos. In fact I have given everything I have to this cause, I am in an all or nothing situation, because everything I have is used for the cause.” This is an attitude we all must have, if we ever intent to win.

If we intend to be ready when the time comes, we must forgo ‘extras’ now. The money we spend on ‘extras’ now might well be the food or supplies we need a year into the conflict. Think about it. Would you rather have a new CD this week, or an extra 4 MRE’s when you are hungry later? Would you rather have that new TV now or a new pair of boots for the 2nd winter of the conflict? I’m sure you can see the point I’m trying to make. We cannot alter our position in time. We are here and now, and we must deal with it as such. Sure, things could be different now if our fathers had stood against the tyranny, but that is of no consequence now. They will have to answer to God for their actions, and we will have to answer for ours. Yes we will suffer more because of the sins of our fathers, (Leviticus 26:39, Isaiah 65:7, etc.) but we must still do our duty and fight.

I think sometimes we allow ourselves to grow apathetic, because despite the overbearing government we have, we are still reaping some of the plenty of this great land. We cannot allow ourselves to fall into this trap. We have the right and duty to control this country. However, we must act if we intend to take back what is ours. Another thing that Mark from Michigan pointed out is that nothing we do against the government is legally considered to be an ‘offensive’ action. They made the first move. They are destroying our country. They are the ones who started this. We are simply defending what is ours to defend. Always remember that, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, they are ours. They do not, nor have they ever belonged to the tyrants and traitors of the UN and New World Order.

Yes, we will be called terrorists, rebels, conspirators and criminals. From the enemy’s viewpoint, we are. They have cunningly devised laws to make everything representative of freedom into a crime. But all of their laws are un-Constitutional. Even the Supreme Court of the United States said on several occasions that “any law which is not Constitutional is not a law…”. We are only bound to follow laws which are Constitutional.

Everything you know is wrong

Since about 1940, or thereabouts, all media (TV, radio, print etc.) has been controlled by forces outside our country. All forms of media, right down to the local paper and radio are now propaganda outlets for the New World Order. So let me give you a few examples of things you ‘know’ that are not true.

1. The first two battles of the revolution were fought because of gun confiscation by British soldiers, not over tea or taxes.
2. Lead paint never killed any kids. The government banned leaded paint at the same time it put its first reconisance satellites into orbit, because the infrared lenses on those satellites couldn’t see through the lead paint on peoples homes. Really.
3. There is no hole in the ozone layer. There never was. Nor is there any ‘global warming’. This was all a scam to scare people, and allow the EPA to have more power.
4. There is no law requiring you to pay taxes to the federal government. There never has been. When the IRS tried to pass a law to this effect, is was struck down as un-Constitutional. Read about it here
5. Even if your house and land are paid for, you don’t own it. Almost all of the land in this country has been sold to the UN over the last 60 or so years.
6. Even if you car is paid for, you don’t own that either. Your state does. They have the original title. Look at you car title, it says, “certificate of title”, this legally means it is a copy of the original.
7. Legally, even now, your Social Security Number cannot be used for identification. Try to get a job, or even a library card without it. Just try.


***My personal feeling is that a gun of any kind is a tool, just like a hammer, or a screwdriver. Almost any tool could have the potential to be a weapon...this does not make it one. You could use a hammer to drive a nail, or to kill someone. Does that mean that a hammer is a weapon? No! It is only a weapon if the person using it chooses to use it as one. And a law will not stop that person. The same applies to guns, if a person chooses to commit a violent crime, they do so without regard for the laws. This is why having laws to "control" guns can not work. The point is, laws will not stop people from hurting or killing one another...People must be taught to respect one another before changes can occur. And the best time for this to happen is while people are children. I was taught to respect everything. My parents and elders, my own things, my fathers guns, my fathers tools, my parents money, EVERYTHING. Those ideas shaped who I am today. Respect is a virtue almost extinct in our society today. We all need to try to change this. "train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it..."

While writing about guns in general, I realized that in light of recent events, some people now have a very media biased view of guns in homes where children are present. And the idea of teaching children to use guns is a terrible thought to some people. (Especially after the terrible events at Columbine, in Colorado, and the other school shootings.). I think that teaching a child to use a gun is a good thing, it helps them learn responsibility, respect for powerful tools, (guns are only one, motor vehicles are another good example), and helps to control the idea that "guns are toys" or that "guns are evil". With proper training, children can learn that guns are tools, but very powerful ones, that need to be respected, and that guns themselves can not do anything. (Guns are not evil, evil is something that people do, not a mystical power of an inanimate object.).Also, there is statistical proof that guns in the home are not used to commit crime, and children taught to use guns are much less likely to commit crime, violent or otherwise...(if anyone knows where to find this research, please write me, I saw it somewhere, and can't seem to find it again...) But I do know from personal experience that persons exposed to guns from an early age are much less likely to be criminals, petty or otherwise. I grew up in a community where guns and hunting are an important part of life. We learned to hunt for food, not for sport. The examples of our fathers, family, and neighbors taught us. Hunting was a turning point in our lives, the first step to manhood if you will. Where I come from your first hunt was at 14 years old, and that hunting season was a chance to prove ourselves. We went to the woods not to kill things, but only for the joy of hunting.