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Life slips in and out of focus,
fast as the drop of a hat.
Priority to keep alive,
just keep trying to survive.
Fained lightheartedness the key,
camouflage my deep anxiety.
Intoxicants bite deep and take hold,
attitudes change, grim into bold.
Must fight to keep my mind free,
while sanity becomes a memory.
normal life is so hard to achieve,
fools say just believe.
Morning light find a different me,
depression leads to slow atrophy.
Mind grows numb to things Ive done,
I doubt me becoming harder to face reality.
That corpse, that shell,
it cant be me!
Suicides fingers claw my back,
while my last shred of sanity fights the attack.
Dark tunnel with no end in sight.
Will I persevere, or die in the fight?

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