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The breaking of the American dream

In times past a person owned everything around him, his land, his home, his car. Everything he had was something he had worked for with his own hands. He could look around him with pride at his person accomplishments. He also was willing to defend the things he had worked so hard for, because they meant something to him, they represented his own time and sweat. My grandfather purchased an 80-acre farm for cash by the time he was 26 years old. This from a man who was in his early teens when the great depression hit, and only was able to complete his 8th grade year of school before he was forced to go to work to help feed his family.

Today, a man buys things, but he money he uses is not really his own. He borrows the money from the bank, which in turn borrowed it from the Federal Reserve. He works for money to be sure. But he can buy things without having to have saved enough money to actually afford the things he buys. So he canít take the same sort of pride in his personal possessions. His house doesnít mean as much to him, because he knows that the bank really owns it, and not him. The same applies to his car, and often nearly everything else he owns too. So is it any wonder that Americans today have lost the desire to defend the things they Ďowní? Why would you care to defend your home or land, when you know that 1st national Bank really owns it?

The bottom line is this; we canít take enough pride in the things we have accomplished to be willing to defend them, if we do not in fact, own those things.

How did things change? In the times past, an adult was truly independent. They where alone responsible for their own success or failure. Today, no one is really independent, because there is always some government agency there to catch you if you fall. This is the key to the change in American attitude. Dependence. We used to be dependent on ourselves. Today we are all dependent on the government, in one way or another. In fact, I challenge you to find one part of your life where there is no influence from the government that affects you in some way.

So why did this happen? This is a complicated subject, but the simplest explanation is this; independent people are difficult to control, and they resent the people in power trying to take away their hard earned money and things. So a plan was devised to slowly make Americans less independent. This would allow the people in power to take more of the wealth for themselves, and encourage Americans to keep working hard to make even more money for them to steal.

This document explains this plan in great detail. It is a chilling account of exactly why the people in power are doing these things. If you have been searching for an answer to why things have changed in this country, you need to read that document.

Donít let yourself be fooled any longer, you really donít own the things around you. Even if your house or car is paid for, you still have to pay taxes, fees, etc. Meaning that if you miss one payment to the government, they will take it away from you. Doesnít sound like something that you own does it?

What can we do? We Americans have only two options at this point in time. Secession or revolution.
Sessesion basically is a legal separation of some part of a country from the country as a whole. For example, one state could secede from the United States.
Revolution would be a nation wide revolt against the powers that be, with itís ultimate goal being a return to a constitutional republic. (Many people will take offence at the word revolution because that the word implies that legally the people donít have the right to overthrow the government and replace it. Our constitution grants this right to the people, true, but I do not believe that the government recognizes the constitution any longer as real law. And since the government has declared war on the people of this nation,[See above link.] I stand by my use of the word revolution.)

Before you start to think that this is some sort of conspiracy theory, I urge you to read that document. This is not some idea without factual evidence, this is indeed fact. Nearly everything in that document has been proven in daily life over the past decades. I can find no reason to disbelieve the authenticity of the document. Even if the document where not real however, the facts presented are still sound.